Rules and Regulations

On a crazed whim, at the beginning of 2013, I decided to watch all of the Doctor Who episodes in order of their transmissions. I originally had thought to complete this project before the Fiftieth Anniversary Special but all of time and space were not on my side. Either way, it is still my goal to work through the various episodes and serials, providing some simple thoughts or notions about my reactions.

I initially wanted to post reviews for both the visual stories and the adaptations but I’m finding myself overwhelmed with this idea. If there is a visual episode, I will review only that. If there are missing episodes or incomplete episodes, I will focus on the adaptation instead, mentioning the lost or missing episodes in comparison, if possible.

I don’t have any intention for this blog to become some great, massive, critical evaluation of the series. I’m far too lazy for that. And besides, there are blogs across these great and grand InterWebs that do that a far better job that I ever will. My goal is simply to watch all of the Who.

Again, because I’m crazy.

(Posts are scheduled for Monday, though I reserve the right to post more if I have a mad rage to marathon.)


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