Episode 11: The Rescue

The Rescue_RomansEpisode 11: The Rescue
First Doctor
Companions: Barbara, Ian, Vicki
Written by David Whitaker
Directed by Christopher Barry
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The Powerful Enemy
Desperate Measures

Still reeling from the departure of Susan, the Doctor and his companions come across a crashed spaceship and it’s surviving crew.

With only two installments, The Rescue is a short but satisfying episode which introduces a new companion quite effectively. Vicki is a clever girl from a futuristic Earth. She exhibits traits similar to Susan but still maintains her own individual personality. And as a child of the future, she will have the intelligence to match the Doctor’s eccentric behavior.

In regards to the Doctor, with the departure of Susan it becomes clear once again how necessary it is for the Doctor to have a companion. There’s a slight shift in his relationship with Ian and Barbara in that he continues to grow in his appreciation of having the two of them around in their travels. If it wasn’t for their presence on the ship, the pain of losing Susan could have been devastating, despite his wish to see her grow as a person.

The story is enthralling. The conspiracy between the Koquillion character and Bennett was pretty obvious but it still plays out well in the end. The camera work is something that should be noted in that the lighting and aspect between establishing shots were of a higher quality that previous episodes. This comes into play during the final battle scene within the Temple Room with the Doctor.

While I thoroughly enjoyed the adventures with Susan, I’m excited to see how the adventures play out with Vicki. As I’ve mentioned before in previous reviews, it’s fun to see the evolution of the Doctor as he begins to grow into the character he is today. Even when Ian and Barbara comment on the Doctor’s age, there still exists a sense of adventure and innocence that the older Doctors don’t quite possess anymore.

Historical Notes
The introduction of the new companion, Vicki.

The Doctor has visited Dido in a previous off-screen adventure, where he encountered the Didonians who are friendly people.